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Thread: CP214-5: Company-Wide AutoCAD Tool Palettes

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    Default CP214-5: Company-Wide AutoCAD Tool Palettes

    Instructor: David Linford

    Class Description: Learn how to have multiple tool palettes available to multiple users and locations. Allow separate locations to make their own tool palettes while allowing other locations to use those tool palettes and vice versa. For example, this kind of setup will allow office 1 to create, maintain, and control their own tool palettes. The same with offices 2, 3 and 4. But it will also allow office 1 to view and use, but not modify, the tool palettes from offices 2, 3 and 4. Tool palettes can be set up so you create and control them at the user, department, office, and company-wide levels. Attendees will leave this class with the exact tools and knowledge to set this up on their own company networks.
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