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Thread: DV118-1: Optimizing Your Autodesk 3ds Max Design Models for Project Newport

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    Default DV118-1: Optimizing Your Autodesk 3ds Max Design Models for Project Newport

    Instructor: Mark Kauffman

    Class Description: This class will give you an exclusive sneak-peek at Autodesk Project Newport for visualization specialists, and will demonstrate how you can transfer Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design scenes to Newport for immersive real-time presentations. We will explore a myriad of 3ds Max Design production techniques to help you prepare your content for Newport. These techniques include geometry optimization, instancing, custom material creation using both Autodesk Materials and ProMaterials™, as well as animation creation. You will also discover innovative and efficient methods for building your scene elements, organizing your project files, and exchanging data between 3ds Max Design and Newport using Autodesk® FBX® technology.

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