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Thread: ED104-1: Integrating Creativity and Technology in the Classroom

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    Default ED104-1: Integrating Creativity and Technology in the Classroom

    Instructor: Linda Sellheim

    Class Description: Explore solutions for teaching software that incorporate learning technology through visual problem solving and creative solutions. We can only imagine where the next generation of artists, designers, and inventors will take 3D applications in the future. Learning material for the 21st century needs to provide students with the ability to master technology and at the same time develop their creativity and visual problem solving skills. Projects need to focus on visualization and the integration of ideas across various disciplines to teach students how to make connections in the ever-changing landscape of technology. Learn how to create an intersection between core subjects and the arts, enabling students to learn the technology while exploring new ways to see and think about technology incorporating projects that engage and stimulate the imagination and curiosity.
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