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Thread: ED9300-1: Incorporating Software Simulation Into Web-Based Training

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    Default ED9300-1: Incorporating Software Simulation Into Web-Based Training

    Instructor: Andrea Bell

    Class Description: How can you give students a hands-on AutoCAD® learning experience over the web?  How can you deliver "lab-style" training without the lab? This class looks at the possibilities and limitations of software simulation as it relates to AutoCAD and AutoCAD-based products. We’ll start with an overview of what makes software simulation tools different from other web-based training tools and highlight a few of the more common simulation software options. Our focus will be on the making of a simulation—incorporating mouse clicks, keyboard entries, mouse movements and right-clicks—all basic requirements for even the simplest of AutoCAD commands. In addition, you'll learn to include simulation features such as hints, success and failure notifications, as well as voice-over narrations. Throughout this process, you’ll learn tips, tricks, and limitation work-arounds to create an effective AutoCAD-based training simulation. Finally, an overview of common deployment strategies and challenges will be presented.
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