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Thread: MA208-5: Using Dynamic Simulator to Prove Your Design

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    Default MA208-5: Using Dynamic Simulator to Prove Your Design

    Instructor: Rollin Godette

    Class Description: Use Dynamic Simulation throughout the design process to make changes that affect the design and see the results of the change, determine the optimum shape of parts, and conduct failure analysis. In this lab, users will complete a partially finished design using Dynamic Simulation to test different iterations of components to optimize their fit, function, and durability. In the course of finishing this project, the users will review the Dynamic Simulation environment, learn the differences between assembly constraints and joints, create joints in the mechanism (where required), create welded components for groups of components that will function as a unit in the mechanism, and test modifications made to the design of components in the mechanism. As a bonus, the results of the simulation will be exported to Autodesk® Inventor® Studio to quickly create a basic animation of the finished mechanism.
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