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Thread: MP214-1L: AutoCAD MEP 2010 Advanced Tips and Tricks

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    Default MP214-1L: AutoCAD MEP 2010 Advanced Tips and Tricks

    Instructors: David Butts with Darryl McClelland, Bonnie Lindner, Jack Foster

    Class Description: <p style="margin-top: 10px;">The primary goal of this course is to take a deep dive into the more advanced features of AutoCAD MEP 2010, which will better assist clients in meeting their design, documentation and standardization needs. In this session, the user will learn best practices and tips for fast methods for creating block-based multi-view parts and integrating them into a catalog library;&nbsp; and how to modify existing parametric connection geometry, such as a duct fitting, to match custom field conditions. The course comes with samples to help the user along the way. So join us for a fast-paced, information-filled session!
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