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Thread: GS318-2L: Using AutoCAD Map 3D Tools to Ingest Point Cloud Data

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    Default GS318-2L: Using AutoCAD Map 3D Tools to Ingest Point Cloud Data

    Instructors: Nathan Moore with Katie Jacques, Warren Medernach, Felicia Provencal

    Class Description: LIDAR and other laser scanned data is becoming easier to obtain from public (free!) sources, and there are more vendors available in the marketplace to provide it on demand. However, these datasets can be massive and difficult to work with at first glance. This lab will break down the tools that Map 2010 has for you to use, presenting workflows that will allow you to drive better decision making, and access more and better data, all while making your job easier! In this lab, we’ll start from a large aerial LIDAR dataset available for public use, import it into Map 3D, and explore the tools available to exploit these data. Depending on the posting and vertical resolution, there are numerous applications in planning, compliance, forestry, construction, land use change, mapping, surveying and even urban design. We’ll also briefly review the application of the many types of large point-based data sets, including ground-based LIDAR and laser scanners, aerial LIDAR, including flash and multi-spectral LIDAR, and satellite systems that output similar data types, such as RADARSAT.

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