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Thread: GS204-1: AutoCAD Map 3D: The Swiss Army Knife You All Need

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    Default GS204-1: AutoCAD Map 3D: The Swiss Army Knife You All Need

    Instructor: Gary Rosen

    Class Description: What is AutoCAD Map 3D really all about? What are the keys to this powerful application? If you have struggled to get started with Map, this is the crash course that will launch you through the learning curve to success. When you leave this class, you will understand the theory, practice, and application of working with object data, external databases, FDO, display maps, topologies, and attached drawings; querying data; exporting maps to DWF™; using Drawing Cleanup; and creating Map Books. The first step to learning is seeing what there is to learn, because the old cliché that "you don't know what you don't know" sums up why many end users fail to make Map 3D their own. Join me for this session and let Map 3D give you a quantum leap in efficiency performing your everyday tasks.
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