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Thread: GS208-3: How to Apply the SDSFIE 3.0 Data Model Schema Generator for AutoCAD Map 3D

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    Default GS208-3: How to Apply the SDSFIE 3.0 Data Model Schema Generator for AutoCAD Map 3D

    Instructor: Stephen Brockwell with Bradford Heasley

    Class Description: This lab will focus on the process of taking a SDSFIE 3.0 generated GML file and then creating both file-based (SDF) and enterprise data base (Oracle) implementations. Participants will first review the basics of the FDO technology, SDF technology, and the steps to create a data store for SDSFIE schemas for AutoCAD Map 3D. Participants will step through hands-on exercises to use the Map 3D schema editor to load and browse a SDSFIE 3.0 schema. They will then walk through the steps to create both SDF files and a FDO Oracle® schema.
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