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Thread: Renumber Tag segment

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    Default Renumber Tag segment

    How do I toggle the tag to renumber instead of create new?

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    Default Re: Renumber Tag segment


    Are you wanting to renumber existing parcels? If you have your menubar visibile, the Parcels menu allows you to run the AeccEditParcelNumbers command (or you could type that command) which will allow you to renumber parcels.

    If your contextual ribbon panels are enabled, the ribbon may show an option to renumber parcels once you have an existing parcel selected. I'm not certain on this one as my current drawing does not have any parcels to test.
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    Default Re: Renumber Tag segment

    Wonder if the OP is getting a 'not in tag mode' error when attempting to renumber?

    If that is the case, simply edit the label style, general tab, from label to tag.

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