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Thread: SC for initial design - 3d presentation model - GA-plan from 3-d model

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    Default SC for initial design - 3d presentation model - GA-plan from 3-d model

    My previous attempt went not so good and my post is lost. I will try a short version again
    We create a presentation/surface model after GA-plan is finished in orde to indentify major interferences, space allocations and show first approach to customer. Model can be done to ready presentation model level and will be developed further to class level and production level model.
    In order to make a GA-plan from the 3-d model, I need to solve the following challenges:
    1. to find the way how to simulate insulation and accomodation panels and/or insulation in connection with bulkheads. This panels/insulation not need to be shown on hidden layers, but have to be shown on layers with visible sections.
    2. Create especially adapted template and simplified setup for MarineDrafting wich creates all necessary sections with low level of detaling for creation of GA-plan with as less as possible efforts from the end user. This setup (template?) must include blocks for windows and doors presentation. How such objects can be identified on panels? Maybe by inserting solids which give symbol for window or dor in section?
    3. Presentation of equipment by blocks or flatshot, but not section.
    If I can solve these 3 challenges, I can probably proove that making GA-plan in 3d is much better way to do it.
    Is anybody here has any ideas? I need to identify a best practice for creation of GA-plan out of 3-d model.

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    Default Re: SC for initial design - 3d presentation model - GA-plan from 3-d model

    It's great to see clients developing uses for MarineDrafting drawings.
    1. Using ShipConstructor, there are a few options that you can consider. For standard panels, plank parts could be used. For non-uniform insulation, plain AutoCAD solids could be used. Solids of course have the limitation of not being part of the product model but can displayed in MarineDrafting views. If the shapes are simple enough then space allocations could be used.
    How are others handling insulation or accommodation panels? If ShipConstructor had custom parts for insulation or accommodation panels what features do they need?
    2. I don't have any tricks that I can recommend at this point to make the process shorter but I am always absorbing input for ShipConstructor. The idea of having the solids for the symbols is a neat trick that is probably the simplest way to get what you want however solids can't have a single line representation.
    3. Equipment parts are currently represented by hidden line removal (not sectioning) which is similar to flatshot's result. Automatic insertion of a block is not trivial for an end user.

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