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Thread: Drawing a line in model space

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    Default Re: Drawing a line in model space

    Quote Originally Posted by RICVBA View Post
    and that was exactly it! as if you were by my computer...

    now: how to pull from:
    - NET help
    - Autodesk Help Online
    as well?
    The .NET Documentation will also need to be downloaded if you plan to utilize offline - Help Viewer dialog, Manage Content tab, 'Online' Installation source, but now go through the list of available content, such as .NET Framework #.#, Visual Studio 2015: Visual Basic and Visual C#, etc. selecting 'Add', and then perform another 'Update'.

    As for how to integrate AutoCAD Help Online - I have no idea (never tried)?

    I'll see what I can find out, the next chance I get between projects.

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    Default Re: Drawing a line in model space

    ok thank you again
    now it's time to get hands dirty with code


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