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Thread: Label-station_offset_PaperSpace_Anotative_scale_problem

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    Default Label-station_offset_PaperSpace_Anotative_scale_problem

    I don't know what happened to Alignment Station Offset labels.
    I plotted drawings from paper space layout. It works perfect for many times, but just a few minuets later, when I re-plot, all the sudden all Alignment Station Offset labels were plotted in wrong scale, meanwhile, all other multileaders (in annotative scale) were still correct.
    I did a quick check. The view port was locked so I am sure the scale and annotative setting were both correct since it plotted all right just a few minutes ago in the same dwg flie. And, it still looks all right in modes space. just paperspace has problem

    What I remembered between two plots were that I modified the label style to show background "ture". Nothing else has been changed.

    Does any one knows the trick?

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    Default Re: Label-station_offset_PaperSpace_Anotative_scale_problem

    Make sure the C3D drawing scale is correct.
    It is possible to have different scales for C3D labels vs. annotative objects.
    Make sure to set the scale of the viewport by using the "drop down" object in the status bar (doing a Zoom > 1/40XP won't always do it)
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