Hi Folks,

Need some help.

We are needing to replace some hardware we had for Inventor 2010 that we are now seeing performance issues on with Inventor 2015. With 2015 has come the introduction of using LiDAR data to assist in design work for substation plant design.

The machines they currently have are configured as follows:

Lenovo S30
32GB of RAM
Intel Xeon X5675 3.07GHz
NVIDIA Quadro K4000

To deal with LiDAR data we are expecting that they will require a significantly larger HDD, looking around the 3TB size for that, and the standard SSD at 256GB is likely adequate to use as a working drive.

My concerns are around whether 32GB of RAM is enough, whether a single quad core processor is enough, and whether we might need to look at running dual graphics cards.

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated!