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Thread: Creating Cross Sections from Survey Points

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    Default Creating Cross Sections from Survey Points

    Does anyone has a "Standing Operating Procedure" (SOP) for creating a cross section from survey points from selecting points, listing and copying text, cleaning up which text and saving in Excel in order to copy back into C3D via PE? I am having to learn all of this on the fly so the shortest and most complete direction would be helpful that I can print and use as reference until I learn it. Also if someone has a lisp routine to do this would be extremely useful.

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    Default Re: Creating Cross Sections from Survey Points

    Typically, to create sections in C3D, you would need an alignment and then specify a sample line group which would then contain specified sample lines. Your section would then be generated from the sample lines. To add survey points to sections, you would need to select your desired section view and then project the appropriate points to the section view.

    To my knowledge, there is no automatic way to project points to specific section views.
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