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Thread: bracing in plan view

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    Unhappy bracing in plan view


    How do I get the brace plan symbols to show up in Medium and Fine detail levels. This is for a structural member being used as a 'vertical brace'. It shows up fine in course detail.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: bracing in plan view

    you need to create your brace in a "Framing Elevation" instead of a regular elevation or Section.
    Ryan Taube LEED AP

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    Default Re: bracing in plan view

    You get the brace "stick" symbol only in a course view because it's technically an override.
    Since you can't override detail level at the sub-component level, you'd have to change the VG setting of the Structural Farming category to course for that view in order to see the Brace symbol. But that would also change all of your framing members to a course "stick" view.
    You could change the family to always have a different "symbolic" line instead of the model, but then you'd need another family for each member type just for bracing, and who wants to deal with that.
    Best option is to change the VG of the structural framing to be course instead of by view.
    Hope that helps.
    Dave Peterson
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    Default Re: bracing in plan view

    I have seen this issue dealt with in different ways. It's really a question of which particular work-around you prefer. You can edit your bracing family, to show the symbolic line at all detail levels. This can (and will be) problematic in elevations when you don't want to see them.

    You can deal with this in the elevation or other views, however, with a graphic over-ride simply hide symbolic lines in the VG options.

    Otherwise, consider assigning a parameter to the symbolic line, under the "graphics" heading (within the framing family itself), and make it an instance parameter, not a type parameter. Set it to yes/no and this allows you to toggle switch the symbolic line on or off for each instance. Perhaps set it to "no" as default, but this is something you need to decide, but this will mean as a default when you place the framing the symbolic line is not going to be visible. It really depends on which one you need to alter more often, but otherwise you will have to turn it on (or off depending on which default you set) in your elevations, or plans all the time.

    For example, we found elements like Parallel Flange Channels, and Angles problematic also, because the symbolic line is central, and often this was not set far enough away from the wall (or another element). I added in additional symbolic lines with our company standard offset distance away from the wall and a choice of showing the symbolic line as central/left/right, this was done using the procedure described above. I did similar for purlin families, because in stick symbols the bay overlaps are all central and you can not show the purlin lap properly, so I added an option in addition to the normal central symbolic line at coarse detail, to have an above/below "yes/no" option which allows me to show the purlin lap with a simple toggle switch.

    This is really a 5 minute alteration to your family, and will more than likely serve exactly what you need. I prefer the added symbolic line option, but I see no reason why the view graphics over-ride would not also work.

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