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Thread: Parametric PLC Module Insertion

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    Default Parametric PLC Module Insertion

    Hello everyone-

    I am using AutoCAD Electrical 2015 Student Edition on Windows 7 64 Bit.

    When attempting to insert a new parametric PLC module block onto a drawing, I am getting errors that it can not locate some files. For example, I am trying to insert a GE 9030 AC Input card (IC693MDL240), using style 1 vertical and, after placing it on the drawing, a dialog entitled "AutoCAD Message" appears which reads "HP1WA-DL not found". After clicking "OK" (the only choice on the dialog), the dialog goes away and another immediately appears with a similar message but a different file name. After 4 of these appear and I click them away, the block shows up on the drawing as just a rectangle.

    I've tried this with several GE modules with similar results. Even some AB modules produce this result.

    What I find curious is that I am selecting a VERTICAL orientation and these are HORIZONTAL files it says it can't find. Why is it looking for horizontal files?

    If I go into the PLC module editor utility, it seems to be correctly set up for "VP..." files instead of "HP..." files. I'm stumped on this one. I've uninstalled and reinstalled ACADE twice.

    Screen capture attached.

    Any help much appreciated!
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    Default Re: Parametric PLC Module Insertion

    You are showing the PLC Database File Editor where you define what symbol is used for each type of terminal. You can select here to edit Vertical/Horizontal types of blocks.
    What you need to check is your Library path and make sure it points to NFPA or JIC where the symbol is located.


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