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    AutoCad has "Auto Bullets and Numbering". I have this option off but every time I type an abbreviated word with a period, it converts this to a lettered list and turns the "Auto Bullets and Numbering" back on. I have to delete the abbreviated word and re-type it for it to be correct. This appareently is a bug. Is there any workaround? If I disable bullets, this will mess up all the notes I have on my sheets.

    Edit: The problem is that it keeps turning itself back on. I type my callout using an abbreviated word with a period at the beginning in my multileader with the auto bullets/numbering turned off. I then switch to another drawing and when I come back, 9 times out of 10, the text is turned into a lettered list. When I right-click, the auto bullets/numbering is shown on. In previous versions (for quite a while) there was a "tab delimiter" option that would stop the auto numbering from happening unless you hit 'tab' after the word. This doesn't exist in 2015. Any suggestions?

    Edit2: I did some searching online and found if I have the "allow auto bullets and numbering" on, a box with a lightning bolt appears and allows me to remove the numbering. I thought this fixed the issue until I exited the Mtext and re-entered it and all my text converted back to numbering.

    Current Problem: I am trying to set up a table in Mtext that has lot area coverages. I have a description (i.e. Building Area:smileyhappy: and then tab over and enter the area. Every time I do this and exit and re-eneter, "Building Area" is converted to numbering. When I turn off numbering, I have to retype Building Area. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. Anyone else have any suggestions? How is anyone making tables with tabbed text and not having this issue? This was never a problem in 2014, 2013, 2012, etc.

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