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    Question 4 steps

    For a good programmer, it's not gonna be a problem :
    1)to compare numbers of text between 2 blocks , if it's different numbers to stop the opperation (show allert ), if is equal to go for the next step ,I want to check the numbers because ,the software which make it, sometimes make it different, but the equality is very important, in final I have to summ each number from As1 with his oposite from As3 and duble sum.
    2)explode the WMF files , it's work as well as for blocks , I tried with one lisp for block(successful), I'll write it down
    3)rotate all text horizontal like a make it in "explode example"
    4) final step , I want select the text and trasnfort it in attributes, and transform attributes in block As1 ( one block) AS3 (other block)
    I want it blocks because after that I export it to excell and allready there I will make the formula (As1+As3)*2 , and I will import it back (Attout, Attin)
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