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I admittedly do not use it frequently, but first off I have no need for any "touch" capability, so all that functionality is a waste. Secondly, I just do not get the whole interface with the squares.
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What is the point in that? All I really need is the standard taskbar with my 5 or 6 most used program icons. Yes, I know I can "switch over" to the now "old" normal desktop look, but I swear I hit the wrong key about every 5 minutes and BAM, I'm looking at squares again... #frustrating

I am truly open to new things, but if it's not clearly intuitive, then it's not working.
Just to be clear; you're using Win8.1, and not Win8, correct?

There are a couple of other buttons that should be shown in upper right for the former (they may just be out of your screen grab).

The Start screen is only shown when you either press the Windows button alone, or move the cursor to the upper right corner, then down the right side, selecting Start. The Start screen is customizable, the tiles have different sizes, and can be grouped as you like. As example, right click Taskbar, choose Properties, and view the options on Navigation tab... You can show your desktop underneath, specify which monitor the Start screen will be displayed, or bypass Start screen altogether, etc.

Ultimately, Start screen is just a glorified Win7 Start menu, which Win10 is bringing back with the addition of Tiles as a combo... Here's an OOTB screen shot I took late last year when testing AutoTURN compatibility:

2014-12-16_11-23-23 - Copy.png

Was there anything else?