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Thread: 2015 Training manuals In house training

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    Default 2015 Training manuals In house training

    Good morning,
    Does anyone know of any training manuals for Autocad 2015? We have recently installed 2015 network as opposed to individual licenses. We have mostly Micronuts in the office but we want them to have access to Autocad. This means training. They will be encouraged to get in there and play but a more structured training program should be avalable. Is there any kind of training manual available which can be used for in house training? I will get a copy of Autocad Bible 2015 for general knowledge as well.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: 2015 Training manuals In house training

    You could look at lots' of material in several formats. Hardcopy manuals will likely have to come from Barnes & Nobles or some such.
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