One benefit of Sheet Set Manager.

Saving views is a nice way to keep your layers and saved UCS organized. I know Layer Manager has some great tools for this too but saved views have new life in sheet set manager. Here is a clip from the Help files...

To add a view to a sheet

1. In the Sheet Set Manager, open a sheet set.

2. On the Sheet List tab, do one of the following:
- Double-click a sheet to open it.
- Create a new sheet.

3. Click the Resource Drawings tab, and then click a folder to list the drawings in the folder.

4. From the list of drawing files, do one of the following:
- To add a model view to a sheet, click the + sign next to a drawing file to list its named model space views. Right-click a model space view.
- To add an entire drawing as a view in a sheet, right-click a drawing file.

5. On the shortcut menu, click Place on Sheet.

Note As an alternative to the previous two steps, you can drag a model space view or a drawing from the Resources tab to a sheet.

6. Right-click on the sheet to display a shortcut menu. Click the scale for the sheet view.

7. Specify the insertion point for the sheet view.

The specified view is added to the sheet. If a view label block is defined in the sheet set properties, a view label that displays view-specific information is automatically placed on the sheet.

One added bonus, any UCS saved with the view will be copied with it. You need to maximize the viewport to take advantage of this but it work great.