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Thread: Keynote database creation

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    So my company is looking into switching to AutoCAD MEP and I have a question about keynotes. Only CAD Techs/Designers would have AutoCAD MEP installed on their computer. However, engineers will be creating a list of keynotes to put on drawings. I understand that anyone that has AutoCAD MEP can add keynotes using the keynote editor, but is there any way other than using Microsoft Access for the engineers to create a list of keynotes to use within AutoCAD MEP? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    So how is everyone doing keynotes in AutoCAD MEP? Still trying to figure out the best way for us to do this. We may have some sheets that have Mech & Elec work, some that may have demo & new. Can't figure out a very good way to do this using the keynote tools in MEP. We could always continue to do this manually, but that would be just like when we were using vanilla AutoCAD. Any input would be helpful!! Thanks in advance.

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