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Thread: Insert a block with attribute value from selected polyline

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    Default Insert a block with attribute value from selected polyline

    This is a small routine to insert a block with attributes. the idea is to select a polyline with elevation, then insert the block, the elevation of the polyline is the value for the block attribute. I need help to make this routine work. i can select the polyline but then the routine crashes....

    (defun eplat (/ ITEM1 ITEM2 xval2 yval2)
      (setq precision (getvar "precisa"))   
      (setvar "precisa" 2)                  
      (setq ITEM1 (getpoint "\nSeleccione Plataforma: "))
      (setq ztext (rtos (caddr ITEM1)))     
      (setq ITEM2 (getpoint "\nIndique Ubicación: "))
      (setq xval2 (car ITEM2))
      (setq yval2 (cadr ITEM2))
      (setq txtloc (list xval2 yval2))
      (setvar ATTREQ 1)
      (setvar ATTDIA 0)
      (command "-insert" "eplat" txtloc "1" "1" "0" ztext)
      (setvar ATTDIA 1)
      (setvar "precisa" precision)
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