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Thread: AutoCAD 2016 Links

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    So far, over a dozen blog posts on What's new in AutoCAD 2016, compiled in one place. If you know of others, leave a comment please.
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    AutoCAD 2016 New Features

    1.Stunning Visual Experience - it is graphic property where no need of doing regenerate drawing ( RE enter ) there is a option REGENAUTO - ON/OFF
    2.Coordination Model - Now you can import Navisworks file both NWC & NWD file format and you can check clash point
    3.Smart Dimensions - Autodesk has this new option based AUGI customer request to better dimension smart which can line , arc, circle, etc
    4.Sysvar Monitor - It is used to prevent unwanted changes in system variable which is not avaliable in AutoCAD 2015 also with notification dialog box on the bottom right
    5.Enhanced PDF - Now PDF are smarter , smaller & Searchable
    6.Reality Computing - Now we can point data like .rcp file where we can use section plane option
    7.Touch screen option is avaliable
    8.A360 were we can share data , view data & edit data

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