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Thread: Getting users to follow company standards

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    Question Getting users to follow company standards


    We are currently doing a review on the company BIM standards and how can we make it easier to users to abide to and use them.

    These, the standards, include not just the company BIM Library but also how-to workflows and procedures to set-up and develop a model.

    Some questions pop up such as:

    - how to increase standards visibility so that it is more obvious for users to know where they are and consult them? (intranet, PDF, other?)
    - how to improve BIM library user access so that it becomes the first port of call before looking for new families in the web or duplicating existing ones?

    How have you tackled this issues at your companies?
    Care to share successful tried approaches?

    Many thanks for the feedback.
    Revit 2014, AutoCAD 2014

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    Default Re: Getting users to follow company standards

    Searchable intranet documents (SharePoint for us) per discipline and per topic. (If you spend more than five minutes trying to figure out an issue, it's probably worth documenting it)
    Very deliberate template
    Set an opening view in your template with checklists and reminders

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