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Thread: autocad architecture workflow tutorial?

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    Default autocad architecture workflow tutorial?

    hi everyone,

    after 5 years of 2D drafting in autocad i decided i wanted to try the architectural features of AutoCAD Architecture. I was messing around with the 3D settings and display representation, which got me this far (see screenshot):

    I'm having a couple of problems, which are probably related to workflow in ACA. For example, how do I hide the stairs that are under a slab, but show their part where they're rising to that slab?

    My vision of using ACA is a bit Revit-like - I make a model in 3D and then (using viewports) I get my floor plans, sections and elevations, all dynamically linked to the model itself. Is this a wrong approach? What is the typical workflow with ACA in this case?

    Also, what are Levels and how are they related to my design/documentation process?
    I would be very thankful if anyone could either answer some of my questions, or direct me to some comprehensive tutorial which would explain the ideal workflow.
    (I'm also enclosing the DWG file, if anyone wanted to take a look at my current setup. Hopefully it works)
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    Default Re: autocad architecture workflow tutorial?

    Here's one possible reference to gain an understanding of the recommended workflow:

    I suspect it will answer your question about the stairs as well as addressing what levels are.

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    Default Re: autocad architecture workflow tutorial?

    You can certainly do a full 3D model in ACA, and use that to generate plans, sections and elevations. Revit purists might question whether ACA processes qualify as "dynamically" linked. I agree with CAtDiva's recommendation of Paul Aubin's book (Hi, Sara!). While some have worked out ways to do multiple-story buildings in one file, the recommended workflow is to model each level in a separate file. (Depending on your design and personal preferences, some features, such as stair towers or exterior skin might be done with multiple floors in one file.) The Drawing Management feature (Project Browser/Project Navigator) is meant to help automate the management of all of the different drawing files and make it easy to assemble the needed files for a particular view in your final drawing set, whether it be a plan, elevation, section or detail. Paul's book is tutorial-based, and will give you a good grounding in how to use the Drawing Management feature.

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