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Thread: Phased finishes?

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    Default Phased finishes?

    I have a project that will have the existing exterior paint color changed as part of the remodel. How would I accomplish or show this? To my understanding the color is a material proporty of the wall, and I would have to create a new wall to show the color change but then the plans would reflect the building as all new construction. I would use the paint tool but it doesnt assosiate with a phase and changes the existing condition.


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    One Way...

    Add 2 new fields to a wall schedule - Paint and Remodel say.

    For a wall to be repainted, set the paint colour / description and also set the Remodel to Yes.
    For a wall that stays the same, set Remodel to No.
    Filter the schedule using Remodel =Yes , then hide that column.

    You will have a schedule of walls to be repainted with their new colours.
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