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Thread: Hyperlink on FDO feature

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    Default Hyperlink on FDO feature

    I'm trying to create hyperlinks for the features in an FDO layer. Each feature has the entire URL as a feature property (attribute). When I use the Web Address pull down from the properties pallet and select the name for that propery, it gives me an message suggesting that I add the url as a new property for the feature. I don't need to do that. In fact I don't have permission to edit the feature's properties. With either choice, it doesn't produce a hyperlink for the feature.

    It would be extremely helpful to be able to use a feature property as the hyperlink for that feature.

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    Default Re: Hyperlink on FDO feature

    Hyperlinks are not available in Map3D with FDO (Data Connect). The best I know of is with object data tables attached to entities and using document view.
    J. Murphy
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    Default Re: Hyperlink on FDO feature

    For those interested, I wasn't able to add hyperlinks directly to the features, but found a way to export the features into blocks with hyperlinks. This requires the use of ArcGIS for AutoCAD (free from ESRI), along with it's bonus tools. These are the steps.

    Prepare a block in the target drawings with any attributes defined. Feature attributes will be transferred to block attributes where an attribute definition of the same name exists.

    Using the MAPIMPORT command, select the desired shape file. In the Points column, pick the Point Mapping button. In the dialog box, select Create as block, and check Get attribute values from fields.

    In the ArcGIS (add-in) tab, open the GIS Contents.

    In the AFA Bonus Tools, select AFA_BLOCKTOFC command to create a feature class from the new blocks.


    When prompted to enter the field name, type the name of the attribute that contains the path for the hyperlink. (for me it's named DOCLINK)

    When prompted for the expression, replacing DOCLINK with your attribute name, enter (progn (command "ESRI_CLEARSELECTION") (command "-HYPERLINK" "Insert" "Object" ESRI_CALC_ENT "" [DOCLINK] "" [DOCLINK] ) [DOCLINK])

    After a lot of frustration, I found this method on .

    I hope someone finds this helpful.

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