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Thread: Open Link Without Unloading

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    Default Open Link Without Unloading

    Summary: I wish there was an option to open a Revit link without unloading it, or an option to automatically open a link in a separate session

    Description: We often need to refer to Architectural models when working with spaces in MEP models to check bounding issues etc. It would be more convenient if Revit did not force the unloading of a link if it is opened in the same session. Alternatively an option to "Open link in new session" would be useful.

    Product and Feature: Revit MEP - Other

    Submitted By: Colin Magner on 06/09/2015

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    Default Re: Open Link Without Unloading

    I'm not sure if you put linked models on a separate workset, ie: Linked_RVT_Arch, but I believe in 2015, when linked files are on a workset, you are able to open that linked file in the same session as the model you are using.

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    Default Re: Open Link Without Unloading

    This can be done by opening a second instance of Revit. Then open the link in the second instance of Revit.

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