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Thread: 3D Generalist showreel spring 2015

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    Default 3D Generalist showreel spring 2015

    Hi everybody,

    I will share with you my new showreel...

    I’m an italian 3D Artist (specialized in Fluid, Particles, Dynamic effects) with a bit 11-years of experience from different field. I started with traditional art (painter), arch-viz in CGI and I pass to media&entertainment 5-years-ago. I collaboration with different agency, with role of supervisor 3D/post-production/costumere care, on the project for GE Oil&Gas, TetraPak Italia, ABB Groups, Beta Progetti, etc...etc...

    I can working also on another position like compositor, 3D generalist or motion graphic artist, but I prefer one position like VFX artist.

    Currently I’m finalization some tecnical engineering animation and supervisor the team of s.r.l., some shots for Herbst (indipendet film) and I follow the course of Allan McKay (FXTD Trasformation) where I see and testing more aspect about VFX like a storm dust, explosion, large scale fire, etc...

    C&C are welcome
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