Summary: We want that Civil3D 2016 can create surfaces from a recap file with 10.000.000 points at a high speed with a realistic progress bar.

Description: The problem now is that we can very fast see pointclouds with the recap and see that recap file with more than 10 milion points in Civil3D.

After we create a surface from pointcloud with the command _AeccSurfaceFromPointCloud, there are limitations of work with large data.

I think on possible solutions:

- Create surfaces in the recap engine. Also the function "paste surface" in Recap.
- Use all core's from the computer processor on 100%
- Create good progressbar's to show what the user is doing when working with large datasets.


Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Surface Modeling

Submitted By: Wim De Winter on 07/01/2015