When using Navisworks 2015 "FileToolsTaskRunner.exe" to convert a series of DWG Models to a NWD (using a TXT list file of the DWG's), the Navisworks Options for "File Readers->DWG/DXF" are not honored.

We expected that the Navisworks Options, like "Convert Off" and "Convert Frozen", would be used to allow us to get consistent results in how the output was configured.

Apparently this is not the case, the Navisworks Options are not used, or there is some missing instruction or step to get it to read and use these settings.

Is this truly not reading the configured settings for Navisworks File Readers, or is there a method to ensure that they will be used?

If it is not able to use the Options it severely limits the usefulness of the "FileToolsTaskRunner.exe" since consistent output cannot be obtained.

Please let me know...

Thanks for any and all help,