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Thread: Redundant Licenser Server Compatibility

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    Default Redundant Licenser Server Compatibility

    Hi, I'm setting up redundant license server between two offices so in the event one should go down the other office still has license access. Two of the three servers required for this set-up are 2012 64bit. Fine. The third is Small Business Server 2011. I haven't deployed the licenses yet but wondered if anyone has had issues with using that server version. LM Tools has a list of compatible OS' and SBS 2011 is not in the list.


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    Default Re: Redundant Licenser Server Compatibility

    I believe you will be fine as SBS 2011 is based on Windows Server 2008.
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    Default Re: Redundant Licenser Server Compatibility

    You might consider a distributed server instead, that way you can run 2 license managers, each having access to their local license manager. Then if one license manager reaches its license limit, the user can roll-over to the other license manager. It is much easier to setup and maintain than the redundant license manager. Because if you have 3 servers and one site goes down, you're probably going to be down everywhere regardless because one of the sites will have to have the 3rd server. Therefore, there is actually no redundancy.

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