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Thread: Windows 10 & C3D 2015?

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    Default Windows 10 & C3D 2015?

    Now that windows has officially released Version 10, is there anyone who can comment on the performance characteristics of Civil 3d with version 10? I have upgraded one of my laptops (which I don't typically use for production) to Windows 10 and it appears it actually performs better than it did on the Windows 7 platform. I understand that it is currently not a supported o/s. I am trying to identify any potential problems before I attempt to put it into production on any other workstations.

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    Default Re: Windows 10 & C3D 2015?

    I expect that the only officially supported version of Acad will be the next one. Although it's possible that 2016 will receive a hotfix and become officially supported. From reports, if the Acad software is installed in the old OS, and the machine is upgraded in place, it will _probably_ work. Installing C3D on clean installs may be problematic.

    However, given the uncertainty over the apparent overreach/abusiveness of the new MS privacy policy, installing Win10 at this time on company hardware seems irresponsible.
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    Default Re: Windows 10 & C3D 2015?

    From everything I've seen online it doesn't sound like a good idea:
    Of course if your beta testing doesn't find any issues let us know. I've waiting to see what kind of bugs there will be before installing any free upgrades at home.
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