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Thread: CM234-1U: BIM Deployment Strategies

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    Default CM234-1U: BIM Deployment Strategies

    Session: CM234-1U

    Title: BIM Deployment Strategies

    Instructors: Nigel Davies with Karen Fugle

    Course Description: This class links to the "Adopting BIM: Rolling Your Sleeves Up and Getting It Done" class, opening up questions and comments you have regarding implementing a BIM strategy. It is a unique opportunity to discuss them with your peers and experts in the BIM arena. You will hear firsthand the difficulties others face and how you can best avoid the hurdles they have experienced. Not only will you get an insight into the issues within your industry, you will also get to hear about those faced by your partners, consultants, and clients, helping you to understand the best ways in which to work with them in a BIM environment.
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