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Thread: CM427-1: Bootstrap Your AutoCAD® Deployments

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    Default CM427-1: Bootstrap Your AutoCAD® Deployments

    Session: CM427-1

    Title: Bootstrap Your AutoCAD® Deployments

    Instructor: r. robert Bell

    Course Description: Installing AutoCAD for a single user is not all that difficult. The challenge is deploying AutoCAD for multiple workstations. An even greater challenge arises if users log in on different workstations. There are good tools for deploying AutoCAD with administrator privileges to multiple workstations. But that usually is not the user's profile. When the user launches AutoCAD for the first time, a secondary installer runs. This secondary installer adds files and data under the user's profile. It is this secondary installation that throws a monkey wrench into the deployment of customizations that your firm may need. This class will discuss an approach to "bootstrapping" AutoCAD from a default state to the customized profile that your users need to use.
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