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Thread: CR327-1: How Lean Construction Tools Are Used with VDC and BIM

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    Default CR327-1: How Lean Construction Tools Are Used with VDC and BIM

    Session: CR327-1

    Title: How Lean Construction Tools Are Used with VDC and BIM

    Instructors: John Mack with Charles Zuckerman

    Course Description: This class provides an introduction to Lean Construction methods. We will cover several Lean Construction tools that are useful for Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM). We will also discuss behavior and culture changes that enable Lean Construction and demonstrate training materials that have been successfully used to train groups to work using Lean Construction philosophies. We will tie all this together with how Lean Construction helps when using VDC/BIM on a project and how using integrated project delivery can enhance the use of Lean Construction tools.
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