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Thread: CV234-4: FDO: CAD's Best Friend

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    Default CV234-4: FDO: CAD's Best Friend

    Session: CV234-4

    Title: FDO: CAD's Best Friend

    Instructors: Gary Rosen with Alex Penney

    Course Description: The advent of FDO, or Feature Data Objects, in AutoCAD® Map, transformed the program from a great tool to an essential tool for anyone needing to georeference their work, interoperate with a wide range of other data types used today, and prepare high quality presentations of their projects. As the age of "working in a vacuum" on assumed coordinate systems fades into the past, AutoCAD Map and FDO are the link to the future. In the world of Shape files, raster images, geodatabases and Web services, FDO is a critical part of any successful civil or survey implementation. This class is designed to bring the attendee into the world of FDO, explore its theory and practice, and enable them to leave ready to start utilizing this exciting technology in their everyday work.
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