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Thread: DM223-1: Change Management for Engineers

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    Default DM223-1: Change Management for Engineers

    Session: DM223-1

    Title: Change Management for Engineers

    Instructors: Stephen Maloney with Brian Schanen

    Course Description: Traceability of approval and change actions of engineering documents and data is becoming more important to engineering companies, as legal compliances such as FDA, SOX, ISO and others are more commonplace. While manual, paper-based approval and change systems have worked very well in many cases, they are difficult to administer, track, and prove conformity. This class sets out to look at approval and change management from the engineer's perspective; to look at the handling of multiple types of documentation and workflows that most companies have in their day-to-day processes; and to show how you can easily have at hand the de facto information about who-did-what-and-when, which can be categorically proven when needed.

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