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Thread: DT131-2: BIM 2.0: Transitioning an Office to Mainstream BIM

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    Default DT131-2: BIM 2.0: Transitioning an Office to Mainstream BIM

    Session: DT131-2

    Title: BIM 2.0: Transitioning an Office to Mainstream BIM

    Instructor: Robert Yori

    Course Description: You have succeeded with your pilot projects. You have built a BIM foundation for a team or two in your office. How do you take the next step and scale your successes to fit the entire firm? This class will review the similarities and differences between using Autodesk® Revit® Architecture and BIM in a limited scope, and using it as the basis of an AEC practice. Building on SOMs experiences as examples, topics will include understanding the adoption spectrum from early adopter to late adopter, scaling Revit expertise, facilitating transition from CAD to BIM workflows for mid- to late-adopters, support needs, infrastructure upgrades, dealing with 2D-based consultants, getting CAD deliverables from your Revit model, and mainstreaming content and templates for firmwide use.
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