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Thread: MA234-2L: Adding Intelligence to Your Schematics

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    Default MA234-2L: Adding Intelligence to Your Schematics

    Session: MA234-2L

    Title: Adding Intelligence to Your Schematics

    Instructor: Jim Swain

    Course Description: You needed to reduce your electrical control design time and errors, so of course you chose AutoCAD® Electrical. Now what do you do with your existing AutoCAD work? How do you add the intelligence of AutoCAD Electrical to an existing design so it can be the start of new work? In this lab, we will take an AutoCAD-based control system design and add AutoCAD Electrical intelligence. We will replace existing blocks with AutoCAD Electrical components, while keeping the blocks' attribute data. We will make custom AutoCAD Electrical components and circuits from regular AutoCAD files. We will even add AutoCAD Electrical project intelligence to the existing title blocks. Most importantly, we will do all this with tools available in a typical installation of AutoCAD Electrical.

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