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Thread: MA430-2: Automating Autodesk® Inventor®

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    Default MA430-2: Automating Autodesk® Inventor®

    Session: MA430-2

    Title: Automating Autodesk® Inventor®

    Instructors: Jack Gregory with Gene Libardi and David Reaume

    Course Description: As companies continuously look to improve the efficiency of their business, engineering, and manufacturing processes, they turn more and more to automation technologies that allow them to capture process and product knowledge for reuse by an every widening audience. This class will explore the various options for automating Autodesk Inventor. We will demonstrate the automation options, and describe the trade-offs involved in their use, and describe the most appropriate places to incorporate them. The technologies covered include using formulas in dimensions, using iLogic™ to incorporate decision-making, using the Autodesk Inventor .NET API to create point solutions, and using Autodesk Intent™ to automate business processes.
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