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Thread: AutoCad Electric will not start

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    Default AutoCad Electric will not start

    Ok, here is a problem that I have not run across in my 27 years of operating AutoCAD or Autodesk products. Recently installed 2016 Autodesk suit, installation went as normal. Inventor starts and work fine, in fact every thing seems to work well with the exception of AutoCAD. I start AE (AutoCAD Electric) and I can not get past the splash screen with out windows throwing an error window and stating a problem with the program was detected and is shutting down. This happens with both AutoCAD Mechanical and AE. The program was re-installed, completely removed and installed about three times, the last time IT did a re-install they cleared the registry of all related AutoCAD threads to insure nothing was corrupting the installation did a clean install.

    IT department installed all the latest drivers for the graphics card and the Intel chip set, but to no avail the program will not go past the splash screen with out shutting down, in fact the only way I can operate AE is when it is forced into safe mode.

    I am running a HP Elitebook with AMD graphic card, I have plenty of memory and my CPU is an I7 so horse power is not a problem. Oh, and here is the kicker, 2014 AE operated without problems.

    Other than replacing the laptop is there something that I might be missing.

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    Default Re: AutoCad Electric will not start

    Even if you didn't have a subscription, installation issues are covered. But since you have to have subscription to purchase a suite, I would open a tech support case.
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