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Thread: Assigning Layer +Line/Curve Style with .net API

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    Default Re: Assigning Layer +Line/Curve Style with .net API

    Blackbox, you are the man. Tested it out and seems to work just fine. Looks like I can just copy and paste the command function as much as I want and we're good to go?

    I'm in training today and tomorrow so I won't be able to get too into it and make sure everything works without a hitch, but I'm thinking you nailed it.


    Edit: Ok so I tested it out on a blank drawing (our instructor is running late ), seems to work on parcel lines and polylines. Went into an actual plat drawing and it doesn't seem to produce the dimensions. Playing around with it some more, I don't think I have the relevant layers frozen or anything.

    Seems the second command works differently than the first (I see it's addsegmentlabelS instead of addsegmentlabel), never played around with the plural version so I'll have to dink around with it at some point. I think, at the very least, that the first command is pretty much exactly what we need. I'll report back later.

    Thanks again.
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