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    Exclamation Clash Filtering

    I was reading online as I try to learn how to use this tool and one expert offered that it is a good idea to group all clashes in a test into one group.

    It was brilliant. In the window I could select Hide Other and see all of the clashes in the test at once without all other elements in wireframe! I loved it! Then I could really take a hard look and determine what one big clash was without other wireframe objects getting in the way, or looking at one clash in isolation that loses all context making it difficult to determine which clashes should go together.

    Here's my problem: I want to use this master group as a way of systematically going through all clashes and sorting them into actual clashes eventually leaving this master group empty. I can select a group of objects and I know I want to group them into a separate group. How do I do this? The Remove From Group option is grayed out, as is the Group Selected Clashes option (I suppose because I've selected elements in the window instead of clashes). I can select a single clash but then it isolates the two objects and I've lost context.

    I have used the Group Clashes Involving Item button in other tests, but that doesn't work unless I select a clash, which turns all other clashes off or brings back the nasty wireframe.


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    Default Re: Clash Filtering

    Not sure if you've had any luck but if you select the some of the items from your master group and use the inclusive filter by selection, it will only show those clashes in the Master Group that you have selected. You can then select those clashes in Clash Detective and remove them from the group to create a new group. Just remember to turn off the filter by selection once you are ready to continue finding more. This exactly how I regularly go through and organize clashes.

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