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Thread: Vault ECO Routing, Not Routing

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    Default Vault ECO Routing, Not Routing

    I have set up my new install of Vault Pro 2016 with ECO ITEM/Notification routing, I send a test email and all goes as planned. I then set up a test ECO Routing and no notifications are sent when I create and submit the ECO. I have verified that the relay server being used is set up correct as other apps use the server for relay. I even went as far as setting up a new relay and had the same results. Previously at my former job I had routings set up with version 2013 and all worked just grand. It seems 2016 is being a bit of a bugger. Any one have thoughts or anything that would of worth to try?

    Some notes:
    • Credentials are domain based
    • Server 2012 with SQL 2012
    • Both domain Relay server and Internal (localhost) Relay server yield same results, test sends but list for ECO notification does not.
    • Tried setting up as external relay server, no success
    • We use office 365
    • Domain relay server functions for other applications fine.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Rob Towne, BSIT
    CAD Manager/ Sr Engineer
    LexaLite, an ALP Lighting Brand

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    Default Re: Vault ECO Routing, Not Routing

    I think you should take the suggestion from the technical team who have the idea about this technical field. I have got many benefit from hope this will help you too.

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