Summary: Being able to schedule every revision made including their comments and filter them by Revision number.

Description: The data for all revisions seem to live in the model. So why isn't it possible to extract all that information and schedule it.

As of now Revit only allows to schedule all Current Revisions and leave no room to schedule previous revisions and schedule them to show/keep a history/log of all revisions made in a project.

A revision also allow the user to input comments to a revision but the only way to extract this information is in a revision tag. That data would be more helpful to extract in a schedule for Construction Administration purposes.

To summarize I feel an ability to create individual schedules for every revision including comments and put them on sheets is very valuable. As is currently stands we input all revisions manually in "manual" key schedules using parameters not used often such as Air Terminals. It is a work around but adds to the clutter and lacks the mainstream effect it would get from the wish I have.

Thank you,
Daniel Nielsen

Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Annotation Tools

Submitted By: NielsenDaniel on 11/23/2015