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    Can anyone tell me how to set the Column Style Property in a table via code? LISP/VBA is preferred, but I'll work with whatever I can get.

    I've got a bunch of Sheet List Tables linked to the sheet set, and I need to apply a different Column Style to each column. By hand, I can set the column style to anything I've set up in the Table Style, but I'd like to automate the process.

    Through code, I can apply it as an override to each individual cell, but that doesn't help when the table gets updated, and new sheets are added. The added rows at the bottom of the table will inherit the default column style (the "data" style), without any overrides.
    Note that, in the attached image, I've changed the attribute on a single cell, but the Column Style property gets applied to the entire column.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I've looked through the LISP and VBA documentation and couldn't find a way to access this setting.

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