Hello everyone! Now I'm not 100% on all the above software environments, but I have dabbled each of them. I went forward to a Blender community first, but now I'm going to tap into every resource possible to see if this can happen.

Here's the deal. My research starts with developing meshes from point clouds. I generally work with millions of points mind you. There are several plugins out there that can read the coordinate data and spit out a mesh. I've only found one article of someone trying to go further.

They tried to apply colour information and failed. It stops there. This is what I would like to see done

1. Build a database for the point cloud which can register colour and classifications (pretty sure AutoCAD can already embed this)

2. Modify the mesh/solid generation based on classified group. This will give some feel for manual cluster processing and reduce the lag from running algorithms.

3 and my most challenging task- texture mapping
Imagine this: I know with irregular shapes, AutoDesk tends to automatically generate its own texture mapping in the background. What if we can pull a coordinate from the position of a pixel, pair it with the nearest point cloud vertex and extrapolate colour information? I'm talking about automatically generating a texture map based on point cloud colours!

Mind: Blown.

I'm going to post this in a few other forums. Rock n roll!